Austin Deck

Austin has always had a love for people. He also has always had a love for adventure and spirit. Beginning as a dancer and singer  in Calgary from an early age; Austin eventually went on to perform with The Young Canadians School of Performing Arts where he worked with world renowned choreographers and performed for big names such as Paul Brandt, Eva Avila and even TRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge William and Catherine. He was also given the chance to perform and record  Disneyland parks in California 

After circumstances in Austin's life caused him to shift focus, he came to be inspired by the healing in the lives of people emotionally and physically and giving back in the way of health and wellness. He even organized and completed a month long abroad trip to Vietnam in order to work with children with special needs that were effected by Agent Orange.  On top of pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences from University of Calgary, Austin currently serves as a palliative care volunteer within Alberta Health Services. He is our very own Reiki Master where he uses his natural gifts as a clairvoyant as well as his connection to spirit to help our patients live an amazing life.  He is experienced and skilled in dealing with patients and aiding to their needs and in 2015 completed a certificate in Adult Education from Mount Royal, advancing his communication and coaching abilities in order to properly support people within his life as well as calm and heal those who are in need.

As of 2017, Austin is currently a main staple within our clinic. Austin offers Reiki Sessions, Readings, House Clearings and Reiki Lessons as well as serves as our Saturday reception hand and in May 2017 was given the position of Sales Manager for our up and coming sister company Ananta Nutritionals.

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