House Clearings

Have you ever been within a space that did not feel conducive to your life? Are you stuck in a space that has the energy of the people or events that preceded you. We at Ananta acknowledge the need for personal space to be healing; a sanctuary in which we can fully unwind and take in what is needed in our lives as well as let go of the things that may be bothering us in a harm free way. As a result we started to offer home clearing sessions. In these sessions our Reiki Master will sit down with you one on one either at your home or even over the phone in some distance cases to conduct a clearing session so that the space be fertile for life and energy. Not sure if this would benefit you? Call us today and find out more about our house clearing sessions. In the meantime checkout the list below of reasons for a house clearing session:

  • Moving In/Out of a Residence
  • Negative events or Trauma within the space.
  • Spiritual conflicts or events(Including paranormal)
  • New life or Family invited into the space. 
  • Any change in dynamic within the space