Head Forward Posture and Massage Therapy

In this day and age where cellphones and multiple computer monitor work are the norm, our alignment in our bodies pays a price. As we all look down at cellphones constantly or bend forward to lean into a computer screen to read it throughout the day, the muscles in our head, neck and jaw become stuck in the wrong positions. Here’s what happens: the muscles in the front part of the neck become shortened, the jaw muscles in the face and head adjust and become tight and weak, the muscles in the chest become shortened from reaching in front of us continually, and the upper back and deep neck muscles are constantly being stretched and therefore become weakened. These issues provide a backdrop for many other related problems to arise.

People may present with the following symptoms or long standing issues: headaches and migraines or chronic neck tension, upper back fatigue or soreness, pain in the neck or shoulders, numbness, pain and/or tingling down the arm or into the wrist, jaw pain or discomfort, and problems chewing or grinding their teeth, just to name a few. All of these symptoms lead to pain or discomfort at some level in the upper body. What is so ridiculous about this, is that every day we wake up and do the same repetitive motions all over again, not giving our bodies enough time to rest in between.

Massage therapy can help alleviate most or all of these issues by working within the framework of the musculoskeletal system. This will help restore balance to the body and to reestablish optimal function of the muscle tissue. However, it will take some homework on the client’s part to ensure the problem doesn’t continue or reoccur. As with all long-standing issues in the body, it will require effort to bring it back to homeostasis or balance.

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